Little Rangers Club

Here at our Little Rangers Club, our mission is to equip children with valuable essential and practical life skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lifetime. We challenge them with goals to acquire skills and abilities that are needed to succeed in life. Our discovery and skill learning programmes engages a holistic curriculum that is child-led. It allows children to learn more about themselves, build healthy social relationships, encourage emotional development, instil a sense of discipline and more.

With youth mental health being highlighted as one of the key issues in Singapore, we hope to use our discovery and skill learning programmes as a healthy coping mechanism and reach out to those who need help.

Experiences that children receive in the early years of their life are very crucial to how their brain develops. These skills and values learnt will transform their behaviours into lifelong habits. Little Rangers’ concept is to expose children in our club to intellectual and physical stimulation at a young age, thus increasing the potential of them to achieve more as they mature.

Little Rangers Club provides a platform to enhance the growth and development of your child, while giving them the opportunity to discover and nurture their passion and interest in sports and fitness activities. For your convenience, we have a variety of programmes running during the week with locations in the North, South, East and Western parts of Singapore.

Our intention is not to train children to be the next top sports professional, but to provide them with multiple different exposures to a wide spectrum of sports and fitness activities. With this, children are given the opportunity to discover their individual talents or interests before pursuing their favourite sport(s) at a higher level

Little Rangers Club: 10 Sessions Weekly Class Package @ $280

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