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Little Rangers offers a variety of flexible options for working with local and international schools, pre-schools and other learning institutions to deliver customised skill learning sessions or to build our outdoor skill learning program into your existing curriculum or serve as an extra curricular option.


Unlock Limitless Learning Possibilities with Little Rangers Club School Partnership Programs!
At Little Rangers Club, we’re dedicated to nurturing young minds through dynamic and engaging learning experiences. Our School Partnership Programs offer a gateway to customised skill learning sessions, seamlessly integrated into the curriculum or offered as enriching extracurricular activities. Whether you’re a pre-school, local school, international institution, or any other learning establishment, our diverse offerings cater to a range of age groups and educational needs.

Customised Skill Learning
We understand that every institution is unique. Our School Partnership Programs allow us to tailor learning sessions that align with your goals and objectives. From enhancing motor skills to promoting teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking, we create bespoke programs that enrich the educational journey.

Flexible Integration into Curriculum
Looking to enhance your curriculum with hands-on experiences? Our School Partnership Programs seamlessly integrate our outdoor skill learning activities into your existing curriculum. Watch as learning becomes immersive and captivating, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Join the Learning Revolution with Little Rangers Club!
As a pioneer in innovative and experiential learning, Little Rangers Club is your partner in unlocking educational excellence. With our School Partnership Programs, we take education beyond the classroom, inspiring students to explore, create, and thrive.

CONTACT US today to explore how our programs can complement your institution’s educational journey. Together, let’s empower students with skills, knowledge, and experiences that will shape their futures in remarkable ways.

School Programmes

Aviation Exposure
Learning Journey

Ignite curiosity and aspiration with our Aviation Exposure Programs. Our Simulator Flight Experience and Build-A-Drone Programs offer students a unique insight into the world of aviation, from piloting a plane to designing, building and flying their own drones. These experiences spark interest in STEM subjects while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

How it Works?

There will be 3 components to our school programme:

Intro to Aerodynamics & Principles of Flight (30mins):
This short introduction is a good platform for students to understand the knowledge and theory behind flying aircrafts and machines before getting to the hands-on activities. This gives them the opportunity to tie in knowledge with practical skills.

Build-A-Drone Activity (1.5hrs):
Students will work in groups to design and build a drone using easy to fix LEGO pieces. Then, they’ll put their creations to the test while flying it through an obstacle course without crashing and compete against other teams for the shortest time taken.

Simulator Flight Experience (1.5hrs):
Experience what it feels like to be a pilot for a day and fly a plane together with your friend being the co-pilot. Students will get full hands-on experience on our flight simulators with instructors guiding them on the basic manoeuvres and flight safety

Booking Details

Pre-bookings required for school sessions.
Minimum 20 students per session, Maximum 40 students.

Aviation Exposure School Programme (3.5 hrs): $105/student

Contact us for bookings

Multi-Sports Classes
for Kids

Our Kids Agility and Fitness Classes offer a fun-filled way for students to stay active while honing their motor skills and coordination. With a range of activities, from obstacle courses to team challenges, we help children develop physically and mentally, fostering a lifelong love for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Multi-Sports Classes cater to diverse interests and abilities. From Fun on Wheels to Make A Splash, we provide a comprehensive range of sports activities that encourage teamwork, discipline, and a sense of achievement, all while instilling a passion for an active lifestyle.

How it works?

Like any of our outdoor sports activities and want to include them in your school’s curriculum? We are able to conduct lessons at your school venue for your students. Just let us know your requirements and we can definitely work something out for you. Duration and Sessions can be discussed. Contact us to find out more!

Booking Details

Pre-bookings required for school sessions.
Minimum 20 students per session

Pricing varies, please contact us with your requirements.