Nature Explorer
Private Classes

Our series of Nature Explorer private sessions will focus on building the child’s character, respectful living and learning in nature.

nature exploration for kids

Nature Explorer Sessions

Our Nature Explorer Sessions will bring children on a discovery journey through Singapore's parks and nature reserves to learn all about our wide biodiversity of plants, birds, animals, insects and even marine life. Kids will get the opportunity to soak in nature, detox from the stresses of our urban environment and really just enjoy the wonderful relaxing benefits it brings.

Just being in nature inspires children's imagination and encourages them to let loose and freely play. We believe that some sunshine, plants, fresh air, and some dirt boosts the immune systems of our children, allowing them to grow up strong and healthy.

Our nature explorer program provides children with a safe space to play, explore, learn and connect socially as well as respectfully with the surrounding environment and life around them.