Exclusive Private Classes

Individual 1 on 1 classes as well as group classes are available upon request. Exclusive classes gives more flexibility in terms of learning, timing and venue. 

Little Rangers Club - Private Classes
Skill Learning Programs (4 - 13 years old)

Exclusive private classes are available! We are able to conduct individual 1-1 classes as well as group classes (min. 3 to 4 pax depending on activity). Classes can be held at a venue of your choice or at our pre-existing venues, subject to availability.
Drop us an enquiry to discuss more!

Private individual classes are great for kids who require undivided attention. It helps them to focus better in an environment without any distractions from other children. These lessons will focus on helping your child master a particular skill at his/her own pace
as he/she will be given constant attention by our instructors.

Exclusive group classes (min. 3-4 pax depending on activity) are a popular option for kids who want to learn in a fun social setting.
It allows for more flexibility in terms of timing and venue compared to our usual club schedule. These classes are great for siblings, cousins, neighbours and friends!

Check out our activities and classes below!

Flex Fitness

- Kids Boxing
- Dance Fitness
- Kids Yoga
- Outdoor Fitness Agility
- Obstacle Courses
- Stamina Training

Make A Splash

- Kayaking
- Stand Up Paddling
- Snorkelling
- Scuba Diving
- Swimming

Fun On Wheels

- Cycling
- Roller Blading
- Skateboarding
- Longboarding


- Basketball
- Floorball
- Kin Ball
- Dodge Ball
- Tchouk Ball

Outdoor Survival

- Outdoor Cooking
- First Aid
- Knot Tying
- Tent Pitching
- Orienteering
- Bouldering

Nature Explorer

- Orienteering
- Trekking
- Plant ID
- Wildlife Interaction
- Conservation Projects
- Surviving in Nature